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Summer Dip

Terms of Use

These terms and conditions pertain to the utilization of Explore Resorts Vacations Services. It is imperative that you review and comprehend these terms before availing any of the Explore Resorts Services. In case you haven't selected any dates yet, we suggest that you conduct thorough research beforehand so that you can select your preferred vacation destination with ease. Furthermore, please bear in mind that we necessitate a notice period of 30-60 days prior to your intended travel date to fulfill your reservation request. For travel during HIGH, PEAK, or HOLIDAY seasons, kindly allow 60 days of notice. As a part of the booking process, guests will be required to attend a VIP preview of the chosen resort, where they will be familiarized with all of the amenities and benefits it offers. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee under our refund policy.

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